Farmer Grump Encounter

Downstairs, you are pulled into a briefing room, along with 6, raw looking bobbies. They fidget nervously, obviously not used to being in this situation.

A higher ranking man stands by a table, and glances up as you enter. "Oh good, you are here. This is a map of the hinterlands around the farm in question. The green area in the middle is farmland, at this time of year it is mostly fields of corn, higher than a man, and easy to get lost in. Please take care! The Green parts around the edge are forests, that we hopefully will not need to investigate. The only buildings on the map, are the farm in question. You are to go and investigate. Bring anyone alive back to town for questioning, and dispose of the dead if necessary. Any questions?

I am going to leave you responsible for the 6 watchmen. WHen combat comes around they will be on the map. They will get a single initiative, and whoever is around when that init comes up, and make their actions. Their stats can be found here .

Wits → 18
Jerjia → 13
Adonai → 9
Reynard → 5
Watchmen → 1

Farmer Grump Encounter

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