Of Gears and Greed

Burnt Offerings Recap

This year’s Swallow Tail festival was to be a great celebration for Sandpoint. With the consecration, and opening of the new Cathedral, replacing the one that burnt down a few years ago, happening during the festival.

That wasn’t to be though. Goblins attacked the town during the height of the celebrations, and through the quick thinking of a small group of individuals, no-one from the town was harmed. The goblins were run off, and everyone went back to their business.

Everyone, that is, except the fellows at the Glassworks. But a few days later, tragedy was discovered as yet more goblins killed all of the staff, and apparently lead by Tusto. Tusto died a quick death, and an old, abandoned dungeon which was discovered beneath the town was cleared, at quite some cost.

Tusto’s journal lead to a further plot and more goblins at Thistletop, and a team of individuals made their way there to sort things out.

Now Thistltop is claimed, and the half-demon Nualia lies dead. The sole remaining survivor stands in front of you. Any questions?



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