Of Gears and Greed

Burnt Offerings Recap

This year’s Swallow Tail festival was to be a great celebration for Sandpoint. With the consecration, and opening of the new Cathedral, replacing the one that burnt down a few years ago, happening during the festival.

That wasn’t to be though. Goblins attacked the town during the height of the celebrations, and through the quick thinking of a small group of individuals, no-one from the town was harmed. The goblins were run off, and everyone went back to their business.

Everyone, that is, except the fellows at the Glassworks. But a few days later, tragedy was discovered as yet more goblins killed all of the staff, and apparently lead by Tusto. Tusto died a quick death, and an old, abandoned dungeon which was discovered beneath the town was cleared, at quite some cost.

Tusto’s journal lead to a further plot and more goblins at Thistletop, and a team of individuals made their way there to sort things out.

Now Thistltop is claimed, and the half-demon Nualia lies dead. The sole remaining survivor stands in front of you. Any questions?

Yet Another Adventure of Wits Fizzlewick, Master Chymist

Laboratory Notebook Notation: Small setback. Seem to have misplaced my ear. Constant ringing in left side of head. Slight muddled sensation when I turn quickly. Ear last seen before small mishap with explosives in caves beneath Glassworks. Seems the fuel-air mix was a bit more volatile than expected. Slight loss of life, possible geological instability induced in Sandpoint bedrock. Long term effects to be studied.

Note: perhaps a regenerative reagent added to mutagen would regrow the ear during and after transformation? Take note: add gecko tail and cockroach eggs to third-stage mixture. Be sure to test on comrades before ingesting for toxicity.

Further Adventures from the Laboratory Notebook of Wits Fizzlewick, Chymist

Delving deeply into the ancient tunnels beneath Sandpoint my companions seem to have undergone noticeable personality changes. I have endeavored to check to see if they have imbibed my mutagen; they have not, yet I might have to note behavioral changes. Perhaps the ancient walls are extruding pheromones?

Several encounters with pale creatures with some sort of insectile mouthparts. These creatures seem brutish and not overly intelligent. Perhaps they would make a good template for creation of a suitable minion? Vivisection may be required. Note: obtain a living sample for dissection and experimentation.

Also encountered strange gravity-less room. Several items of interest inside, including a guide to monsters. Must obtain this. Finally, fought a small winged, horned female humanoid creature that had the ability to disappear quickly. Creature seemed to resist damage from our weapons. Perhaps immolation? Must try acid approach.

Returning to the surface now. Must study and replenish the supply of chemicals which I carry. Also should invest in long probe for safe tissue retrieval. Or a sturdy party mate. Preferably stupid and eager to please.

By my hand, Wits Fizzlewick.

From the Labratory Notebook of Wits Fizzlewick, Chymist
Journal One

Observations: Attended festival in Sandpoint, quite sober. Attacked by goblins. Observed that goblins respond poorly to alchemical fire. (Note: research whether all goblinoids respond thusly or only goblin species) Acquitted myself heroically, along with several others of upright character.

Tasked to investigate disappearance of Ameiko, barkeep and purveyor of fine liquors/flammable humors. Discovered scenes of carnage in Glassworks, including tortured corpse of surly bastard that fired me unfairly for pursuing the True Science. Accosted by brother of Ameiko, one Tsuto. Defeated with minimal harm and delivered to Sandpoint authorities. (Note: Authorities seem to have forgotten the small matter of the explosion in town center. Eventually the other explosives should degrade naturally in 7-15 years.)

Future Exploration: discovered strange passages beneath the Glassworks, possibly smuggler’s caves. Note: strong bedrock supports may be perfect spot to test more volatile chymicals. No use of mutagen yet. Still anticipating minor side-effects.

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